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I'm at work at my evening job, the Weight Room at the university. There are so many buff people in here its beginning to drive me crazy. And of course I probably give the impression that I don't work out because I'm here sitting in front of this stupid computer typing this out for my journal. And a guy just told me, "You're been in front of that computer since 5:30, it's now 8:30. You should start a work out program?" That slime! Maybe I should take off my sweat pants and sweatshirt and show off or something so he'll see that I do work out. Nah, why should I? Besides Wednesday is my rest day. Who cares what people think? I sure as h*** don't. I'll continue sitting in front of this computer and look like a slop. I hate obnoxious people. Just look at that jerk showing off his muscles. I can't believe those girls are even paying attention to him. Imbecile.
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