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Raining Blues

I haven't been able to make a journal entry due to Live Journal's slow server. It practically took me half a day yesterday trying to access my journal but couldn't. Finally I did but my computer froze up on me. Grrrr! Oh well, its just as well. I really didn't have anything to share anyway.

It's been raining here almost three weeks now. What usually takes me 20 minutes took almost two hours to get home from work yesterday due to the rain. Not to mention the flooding and the closing down of major streets. Half the jogging trail is under water because it's located a few yards away from the Colorado River. So I may not be able to run tomorrow morning. (sign) I don't get it. We underwent a drought this past summer, and it rains buckets and buckets. We're also under a tornado alert. What's next? I'm not complaining. I appreciate the rain. I just wish it wouldn't flood. I guess I'm stuck here at home. I don't even owe a TV set. =(
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