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I Hate Apartments!!

I was just sitting on the bed thumbing through magazines when my neighbor next door started listening to bad techno music. How do I know it was bad techno? I didn't like it; that's why. It sucked! Even Gary said it sucked. So he banged on the wall several times hoping the neighbor would lower down the volume. The music got turned up louder instead. Jerks! So Gary banged, banged, and banged on the wall causing the wall to crack slightly. I told him not to worry about the cracks because I can repair them. Oh yea, the neighbor knocked on the wall too. So much for neighborly love.

I hate apartment dwelling. Someday I would like to live in a small house far away from people who don't give a hoot about others. But that's virtually impossible because there are inconsiderate people everywhere.
I wouldn't mind living in a tent out in the middle of nowhere. Now that would be cool.
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